Name: Anexes
Planet Type: Terrestrial
Climate: warm
Terrain: Agricultural with some Urban and Wilderness
Atmosphere: Breathable
Gravity: Standard
Diameter: 10950km
Length of Day: 22 hours
Length of Year: 340 days
Sentient Species: Human
Language: Basic
Population: 6 Billion
Government: Monarchy
Major Exports: Food, Textiles
Major Imports: Industrial, Medical Supplies, Luxury Items
System/Star: Jerazol
Planets(Name/Type/Moons): 1 moon – Anexes Minor

Serving as a food source for nearby Jerazol, much of Anexes has been deliberately groomed as farmland. The only cities on Anexes are located at its 3 space ports, and the rest of the population lives in small footprint settlements clustered about the globe. In order to make maximum land available for crops and pasture, no roads cross Anexes, instead skimmers and grav-trucks maintain strict flight paths so as not to interfere with civilian air traffic.

Most of the land mass of Anexes has been converted into farmland. In fact, wherever possible, settlements have been built on land unusable for farming. Since flight is such a common form of transportation and recreation, distance between the crop and the labor is not a large issue.

Other notable sites include the prestigious Royal Military Academy, which sits adjacent to the city of New Bratton.


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