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Not true aliens, Cyber-sapiens are the current peak of medical technology; Human brains with fully cybernetic bodies. The five pounds of grey matter in the skull is the only “living” component. They eat food like organic organisms, but a nano tech factory converts it into electricity and nutrients for the brain. Even their blood is silicon based.

For many, a cyber-sapiens body means a new chance at life. The most common recipients are terminally ill children and mortally wounded soldiers. For others it is a chance to upgrade themselves into something more than human.Those who change themselves into cyber-sapiens in search of immortality and eternal youth, meet with disappointment. Regular tune-ups replace doctor’s visits. Cyber-sapiens actually confront their mortality more than humans, because when there is a problem, their bodies are capable of providing a detailed analysis. Then they watch as the faulty component is ripped from their bodies and replaced with a spare out of the box.It is unclear how old a cyber-sapiens could live to be under ideal conditions, with a well maintained body, but it is not eternity. The human brain is not designed to last forever. Elderly cyber-sapiens develop senility and dementia, and eventually flat-line, if they don’t succumb to an accident first.

For all their faults, there is always demand for cyber-sapiens bodies and the second chance they provide. It may not be ambrosia, but it can provide idealized faces and bodies. Some cyber-sapiens are indistinguishable from humans in appearance. Others flaunt their artificial bodies with unnatural skin and hair tones or cold, metallic features more reminiscent of androids than human.


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