I robot1

Robotic technology has existed now for thousands of years. As such, robotic helpers have become integrated into human society. They function as labor, security, translators, medical physicians, therapists, and many other functions. Although the term technically refers to robots with intelligence advanced enough to operate autonomously (although not necessarily independently); the term “Droid” has come to refer to any and all robots of any kind.

Droids come in 5 levels or Degrees:

1st Degree – mobile computing units designed to solve problems quickly and accurately. Often employed in roles relating to mathematics, physics, and medicine. Examples include medical and interrogation droids.

2nd Degree – Engineering and technical droids. Like 1st Degree droids they are expected to handle complex problems. They are generally equipped with appendages and control ports to allow them to interact with other machines. Examples include Astromech Droids, and Repair Bots.

3rd Degree – Social services droids. Programed for protocol, translation, housekeeping, diplomacy. Many are also programed to act as controllers for complex systems such as shuttle port traffic control, or Station Systems operation.

4th Degree – Military Droids. Programed for security or military applications. Examples include Battle Droids, Assassin Droids.

5th Degree – Labor units. The common labor of the Galaxy. Cheap, predictable, and to a point disposable. The are mainly employed for carrying heavy loads or performing repetitive tasks. Examples include Labor Droids, and Worker Drones.


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