Galactic Politics

Legend states that when Mankind first exited the cauldron that they did so as one unified race. Sadly, hundreds of generations have caused much unity to be forgotten. Now mankind stands divided, and the great Argylian Expanse has sliced apart to be squabbled over by bickering children. In this case, the children are galactic super-powers who still tell their own children stories about the great ememy, and the fall of man

The two political super-powers are The Republic of the Foundling Worlds and The Star Kingdom of Winterscale’s Realm. The Heathen Stars, the Accursed Demise and the Unbeholden Reaches have formed a Confederation of Fringe Worlds, however distance and lower levels of technology ensure that these worlds remain as third party to all discussions.

The Koronus Passage serves as a neutral space and buffer between the high technology of the Foundling Worlds and the massive war fleets of Winterscales Realm.

Also noteworthy are the Intergalactic Corporations, these companies often have their corporate headquarters located in space, and have numerous holdings spread across the Expanse. Their massive profits and political clout give them a voice on all sides of many political issues. When a more direct approach is needed, Corporations also favor the use of Mercenary Forces to ensure the profitability of their interests.

Also the systems of the region known as Cinerus Maleficum remain neutral and independent within the Expanse.

Imperium of Man

Galactic Politics

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