Hyperdrive technology has been one of the single greatest achievements of mankind. The development of the hyperdrive literally catapulted humanity across the stars.

Hyperdrives come in a variety of forms and power levels. In reality though, they all have one thing in common. They are powered by the rare element Tillium which is used to create the plasma which fuels the jump to Hyperspace.

Once in Hyperspace, a ship launched through a Warp Gate travels at a x5 velocity, while all other ships determined by their engine. As noted on the Star Map of the Argylian Expanse, each marked grid unit can be traversed in 6 standard days. This measurement is based on a x1 Hyperdrive. The time to distance is measured by the Hyperdrive multiplier times the distance in days. Thus a Warship might travel the distance between False-Hope and Grace in approximatly 6 days. A ship launched through a gate at a x5 velocity would reach the same destination in 30 days.

Due to the great distances involved in space travel, the necessity of a Hyperdrive becomes evident. Many Captains are unwilling to entrust their ship and crew to such vast distances based upon a single engine system. Therefore Backup-Hyperdrives are often installed. Unfortunately due to the need to save space and power, these are often low powered systems which usually run at near a x10 rating. This has sometimes resulted in ships arriving at dock with their crew long dead of starvation or suffocation. – Remember to always carry more supplies than you need.


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