Warp ship

Hyperspace exists as an alternative dimension where the distances between spatial bodies are significantly shorter. The primary energy expenditure in hyperspace travel is the act of “jumping” into hyperspace. While in hyperspace itself, ships use their normal propulsion systems and interstellar travel is enabled by the shortened distances. Ships must either use warp gates, which are artificial constructs that create a rift into hyperspace, or they can use their own Hyperdrive for propulsion. Warp gates are used by larger vessels whenever possible, to save energy.

Hyperspace is devoid of useful most useful features, with few points of reference. Therefore, most ships have to use the Warp Gate beacon network — a network of transmitters located in known points in real space (usually warp gates) — in order to navigate. If a ship travels off the subspace beacon network, it must navigate using currents, gravity wells, and pulsar flashes or it can become lost in hyperspace. Ships in hyperspace require no energy fields to protect themselves, so an object (ship, device) that becomes lost in hyperspace can theoretically drift forever, and can be rediscovered millennium later. Hyperspace also has currents, which will pull a disabled ship off the beacon network in a relatively short period of time. For destinations outside the beacon network, ships navigate using known routes based upon the gravity wells produced by stellar bodies and other phenomenon. Due to shifting currents in hyperspace, this method of navigation relies on careful calculations, and frequently updated navigational info. The older this information is, the less likely it is to be accurate. When necessary, warp capable ships will occasionally drop to real space in order to determine their exact Galactic Position.

Battles in hyperspace are possible as weapons systems still function at erratically variable levels, however such incidents are infrequent and avoided; it appears that most such battles in history have ended disastrously for both sides. The common technique is the wait at a target’s exit point, and to ambush them their. Or to force the target from hyperspace through the use of a Gravity Will Generator.


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