Within the Argylian Expanse, history and politics have taught humanity the necessity of protecting itself against threats from outer space. Every capable world protects itself as best as its tech allows.

In Winterscale’s Realm each individual star system is protected in space by the Order of Star Knights, and planet side by the Order of Guardian Knights. For coverage of the entire Realm the Queen commands the use of the Royal Navy. The Navy is comprised of a tithe imposed on all of the systems of the Star Kingdom.

In The Foundling Worlds individual systems are protected by Planetary Defense Forces (PDF). Civilian populations are policed by a system of Arbiters. These systems also recruit a yearly allotment of personnel (based on birth rate/population) to join the United Foundling Navy (UFN).

Confederation Systems lack any form of unified military force. Instead individual star systems maintain individual defense forces, and sign mutual defense/non-aggression pacts amongst themselves.


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