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It is the Galactic Standard Year of 7017.

The Argylian Expanse is a sheltered sector of space almost entirely encircled by massive perpetual warp storms. Entry in and out of the Expanse is accomplished only through a long and perilous (usually suicidal) trip through the warp storms, or by way of the Koronus Passage;however legend does hold that at one point, the great cauldron was used as some form of massive warp gate to escape from an alien threat. Within the Expanse, mankind has thinly spread across its entirety, although by far the greatest concentration of humanity lies within a few light-years of the cauldron and the koronus passage. Politically, mankind is fragmented into numerous factions. They are divided by belief, distance, and technology. The first worlds settled upon mankind’s entry to the sector were able to maintain much of their original technological level. They possess warp gates, and vast amounts of scientific knowledge. Conversely, planets deeper into the expanse were settled later, with fewer resources, and little outside assistance. Thus they might begin at a relatively high tech level on their colonization, but typically experience a technological decline as these initial resources run out and must be replaced locally. Some of these worlds, especially if frequented by ships or trade, regain their tech fairly quickly. Others, especially if far removed from trade, or in the case of a disaster, might take hundreds of years to return to the stars…if ever. In fact some of these worlds, upon later rediscovery have been found to have slipped to a significantly lower level, and in some cases have completely forgotten that at one point their ancestors traveled the stars, and would to later generations seem as gods.

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