Sarator Prime

Sarator Prime is a unique star system which is comprised of 7 planets, 5 of which offer habitable worlds. The Layout of the System is:

Star: Serator Prime
1. Primus – Scorched Rock World – Too close to the star for habitation or to be worth the effort to min.
2. Dusk – Feral World.
3. Sintilla – Hive/Forge World. – has orbital repair facilities.
4. Sinophia – Agri World. – has a station in orbit
5. Sarator – Imperial World & Capital of the System – has a star fort in orbit
6. Fenksworld – Hive/Feral World.
7. Perseiar – Gas Giant. – has a gas mine in orbit
Asteroid Belt

The Serator Battle Fleet consists of 1 cruiser, 2 light cruisers, and 6 frigates.

1 star fort, 2 Space Stations, and 1 orbital gas mine complete the orbital network.

Sarator Prime

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